Top tips to make the most of your apprenticeship

Not sure if an apprenticeship is right for you? Laura Webber, Barclays apprentice and TARGETjobs apprentice of the year, gives her top tips on finding the path for you:

  1. Which route is right for you? – apprenticeships are great for anyone who likes to learn by practically doing something, so if you want to learn while you earn you might want to consider one
  2. Pick your industry – apprenticeships are available in most industries, from banking with Barclays to media and hospitality. Look at the National Apprenticeship Service to see if you could start your dream career with an apprenticeship
  3. Give good examples – apprenticeships are designed to give you experience, so don’t worry during the selection process if you’ve not had a job before. Instead, think about what else will show your skills, for example, being part of a sports team or volunteering
  4. Do your homework – before you start, find out as much as you can about what will be expected of you. It will show you’re enthusiastic and excited about the challenge
  5. Be a social butterfly – make the effort to build good relationships with your colleagues, not just other apprentices. These connections could help you land a permanent position, if these aren’t offered as standard like they are at Barclays
  6. Get stuck in – Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions and show your enthusiasm
  7. Roll with the punches – no one’s perfect, so chances are you’ll make a few mistakes when you first start. Don’t be disheartened, apprenticeships are all about learning. Just ask for feedback and put this to use to improve next time
  8. Take it to the next level – don’t wait for your manager to come to you, ask about opportunities to take your next career step. Trailblazer and higher apprenticeships mean you can get a qualification to degree level, so there’s no reason to limit yourself!