Parents confused about school leaver career options, research finds

According to new research from City & Guilds, many parents do not understand the range of different routes into a career that school leavers can pursue.

The survey of 750 parents found that 49% didn’t fully understand the educational alternatives to GCSEs, A-Levels and university, leaving 34% feeling ill-equipped to give their children advice about career paths.

Almost half of respondents thought that university was the best option for an 18 year old, while 24% said that higher level and advanced apprenticeships were the best option.

Kirstie Donnelly, UK managing director of City & Guilds said: “The educational landscape has changed enormously since these parents were sitting their exams. It is worrying, but understandable given the pace of change, that so many parents are not fully aware of all the options available at each stage of education. Although there is still a bias towards A-Levels and university, we are gradually seeing more young people waking up to the benefits of further education routes. What’s important for parents and young people to understand are the real opportunities for progression available through further education.”