More students opt to learn on the job

Recent statistics show that more students are choosing the apprenticeship option after college.

79% of this year’s accountancy apprentices who started last month at Cornwall College Business in Camborne are between the age of 16 and 20 and many had decided to choose an apprenticeship over college or university.

In August, the National Apprenticeship Service also reported that more than half of young people put Apprenticeships down as “First Choice”.

Curtis Lane, 18, from Helston recently finished his A-Levels at Helston Community College. He applied for university as a back-up but didn’t want to move away from Cornwall. He has now started an accounting apprenticeship with Francis Clark.

He said: “I chose to take the apprenticeship pathway opposed to university because I enjoy living in Cornwall with my family, so the thought of being able to stay here and gain a career seemed a win-win situation. When I had a phone call from Francis Clark offering me an apprenticeship following my interview, I was over the moon.  I was glad I didn’t have to go to university and that I could still gain all the qualifications and not get into thousands of pounds of debt.”

Hannah Whear, 18, also completed her A -Levels at Helston Community College. After college she applied for an apprenticeship vacancy at the Falmouth Hotel via the Cornwall College Business and NAS website that was originally business admin. However, she really wanted to work in accountancy so the company are supporting her with this because they are keen to keep her.

“I chose to do this apprenticeship as I liked the idea of being able to gain an important qualification whilst gaining experience within that area. I have been able to learn a great deal while in placement and will enjoy applying what I learn in my course to my work.”

Hannah’s manager, Melanie Black, Regional Accounts Cornwall, Falmouth Hotel said: “Taking on an apprentice has been nothing but positive from the initial contact with Cornwall College Business. Hannah has been brilliant, hardworking and she has good attention to detail. She is also happy to take on new tasks and just a pleasure to manage.”

Amarjit Basi, Principal and CEO of Cornwall College, said: “We are noticing a trend that more students are choosing to do an apprenticeship. We have students who have achieved outstanding grades at GCSE and A-Level yet they are choosing the apprenticeship route to fast-track their career.”

“Findings from the most recent YouGov research claims that graduates are not ‘work ready’ when they complete their degree. With the apprenticeship route, apprentices are ahead of the game by already having the necessary skills required in the work place.”