Graduates earning less than those on apprenticeships according to latest research

The latest research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies shows that more than a quarter of graduates are earning less than apprentices, despite accumulating debts of over £44,000 during their studies.

apprenticeships vs degrees uk 2014

The average graduate debt is more than £44,000 in 2014

As well as owing more, average graduate salaries have also dropped by 11% in real terms between 2007 and 2012 (The Complete University Guide, 2014).

“We’re seeing a real change in the way students and their parents are thinking about options after school,” explained Jason Sugden, from Cornwall Apprenticeships.  “A degree isn’t the guarantee of a job that it once was, let alone a well-paid one, so we’re seeing increased interest in apprenticeships as an alternative.”

a degree or an apprenticeship

Starting salaries for graduates have been dropping while debt is increasing, making apprenticeships an increasingly popular choice

“In the past many perceived apprenticeships as just for hairdressers and mechanics,” continued Jason Sugden, “but now there are hundreds of subjects available in hundreds of sectors, making them a genuinely attractive alternative to school leavers looking for a career.”

Details of apprenticeships being offered in Cornwall, including:

  • optical assistant in an optician’s
  • teaching assistant in a Cornish school
  • and a high profile position in event management

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