Get your career off to a flying start with BT

BT is a phone company, right? Actually they’re so much more than that. The guys at BT are creative problem-solvers, ingenious inventors and high-flying leaders. They fight hackers and improve our cities. In a nutshell, BT thinks that technology can make everyone’s lives better.

And now there are even more ways for you to get involved in BT’s big plans — straight from school or college.

What is BT all about then?

We’re guessing you’ve heard of BT before. They’re the folks who give us TV, phone and internet services. In fact, because BT look after all the cables and fibres in the UK, whenever you watch Netflix, post to Instagram or check out a BuzzFeed list, it’s down to BT.

But what you probably didn’t know is that BT has some pretty big plans for the future. They want to use technology to help people in healthcare and education. They want to make our cities smart, connecting services via the web to get stuff done. And they want to come up with new ways to protect us from hackers. Read more about BT in our special profile.