Conservatives pledge to fund 3 million apprenticeships

The Conservatives would cap benefits further to fund three million apprenticeships if they win the general election, the prime minister has said.
David Cameron told the BBC’s Andrew Marr show he wanted to “abolish” youth unemployment.
A Tory government would cut the maximum benefits a household can claim a year from £26,000 to £23,000, he said.
Unemployed 18 to 21-year olds would be given six months to find work or training.
Their jobseeker’s allowance (JSA) payments would be withdrawn unless they agreed to take part in “community projects” such as cleaning up local parks.
They would be entitled to a “youth allowance”, set at the same level as JSA – currently £57.35 for those aged 16-24 while carrying out the community work.
Most unemployed 18 to 21-year-olds would also be prevented from claiming housing benefit in order to leave home under the Conservative proposals.
Mr Cameron said the changes would pay for three million apprenticeships over the five-year lifetime of the next parliament.