local business grows own talent

The Ocean Housing Group has recently recruited five new apprentices, some of which attended the ‘grow your own talent’ recruitment day that was held earlier this year with Cornwall College Business.

More than 160 local people interested in apprenticeships attended the recruitment day, which was held at Ocean’s Headquarters in St Austell during National Apprenticeship Week.

After a rigorous interview and assessment process, Ocean Housing Group is now pleased to have their new apprentices working with them. Their new team of apprentices will support a wide range of business functions and their roles include a Carpenter, Business Administrator, Electrician, Plumber and Heating Apprentice.

Ocean Group Chief Executive David Renwick believes it is important to support and invest in young people so they will have the opportunity to build a career and progress within the company.  He said: “This is a great opportunity and future for the five young people we have recently recruited as apprentices for the Ocean Group. It is also part of our long term commitment to grow our own talent within our business and invest in the future skills and well-paid jobs that Cornwall so badly needs.”

Nathan Tucker, 16, from St Austell is pleased to have gained an apprenticeship after leaving school. “During my final years at school it was my ambition to gain an apprenticeship in Cornwall and train to become an electrician,” he said. “I am delighted that, following a very tough recruitment process, my dream has come true and I have started my career and training with Ocean. I am looking forward to becoming a highly qualified electrician, living and working in Cornwall.”

Thomas Fieldhouse, 20, from St Blazey Gate attended the recruitment event and has successfully been appointed as a plumbing apprentice. He said: “I have been trying for three years to get an apprenticeship. After going to the recruitment event with Cornwall College Business I was lucky enough to be put forward to Ocean Housing Group which has taken me on as a plumbing apprentice. I found the process very helpful and would encourage anybody looking for an apprenticeship to contact the College for help.”

“Raoul Humphreys, Deputy CEO of Cornwall College, said: “We are really pleased that the Ocean Housing Group has now recruited five new apprentices, we look forward to continuing working with them and to also support the new recruits through their apprenticeship training.  “It is great that Ocean Housing Group choose to support local young people. There are also many more businesses currently looking for enthusiastic apprentices and our recruitment matching service will be able to find many of them a position.”