5 crucial summer apprenticeship search tips

With summer upon us, young people around the country will be leaving school and starting to think about their new career.

Here are five ways in which apprentices in waiting can manage their job search when everyone else is away at the beach.

1.Take advantage of the open market

We all know that hiring slows down during the summer months, but that doesn’t mean potential employees aren’t searching for their perfect apprentice.

While your friends and competition relax in the sun, start looking and applying for apprenticeships that look interesting because chances are, there will be less people applying for the role you want.

2. Improve your CV

Before you head off to the beach, invest some time in overhauling your resume. This way, you can get ahead of the competition when they start to hand in their CV’s in September.

The huge amount of free time available in the summer allows you to improve your CV by taking part in more activities. Industry experts state that having volunteering experience on your CV increases your chances of getting a job.

3. Be forward and approach potential employers

Employers may take longer to make new roles available, so grab the bull by the horns! Research thoroughly and create a list of organisations that you may be interested in joining.

By talking to recruiters before they start actively looking for apprentices, you will have a distinct advantage, as employers will already know lots about you before they start looking at other candidates.

4. Set up as many interviews as you can

Employers may have more free time on their hands due to having an easier summer schedule. They may have time for a coffee or an informal meeting, so find out if your potential employer is free for a chat.

During the summer people are generally happier and more relaxed, giving you a window of opportunity to make friends in high places within the apprenticeship sector.

5. Patience is a virtue

If you do end up applying for a job over the summer, prepare to spend time waiting for recruiters to reply back, as hiring decisions can take longer to make during the summer. Be calm and collective while waiting for a response.

Original article from Apprentice Eye.