100 apprentices in 100 days for Cornwall 2016

Cornwall’s MPs have come together to launch a campaign across the county to recruit 100 apprentices in 100 days.

The drive launches in a changing national economy, where growth has slowed in recent months and where businesses are reporting skills gaps and recruitment challenges in particular industries.

Could Apprenticeships be the answer?

A recent study by Close Brothers found that nearly a third of SMEs feel their workforce doesn’t have the skills their business needs, with Apprenticeships offering a potential solution for many.

The study also identified the main barriers for businesses employing an apprentice as cost, time and red tape.

The 100 in 100 campaign will seek to simplify the process of employing an apprentice, offering support to businesses from the county’s training providers.

With falling unemployment, Apprenticeships remain a popular choice for school leavers, with 280,000 people completing Apprenticeship programmes across the South West since 2010.

If you’d like to find out more about employing an apprentice, or about doing an Apprenticeship, please get in touch, find out what employing an apprentice involves, or check the latest job vacancies.