apprenticeship levy

New service to help businesses create more apprenticeships

Larger, apprenticeship levy paying employers, can now easily pledge to support smaller employers to create more apprenticeship opportunities.

Cornwall Apprenticeships and Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) are supporting a new Government website which makes it easier for larger firms to pledge their unspent apprenticeship levy funding to help smaller firms pay for apprenticeship training.

Large employers can already transfer up to 25% of their annual levy pot to support other employers to take on apprentices. The Government’s new service will now help to match up those with levy funding to spend with smaller employers who would benefit from funding to help them pay for apprenticeship training.

The LEP is calling on Cornwall’s levy paying employers to start using the new service and keep unspent apprenticeship levy funds in the county by selecting ‘Cornwall’ as their preferred location – enabling smaller Cornwall-based employers to benefit from the funding.

Cathie Kessell, Employment and Apprenticeships lead for the LEP and Cornwall Apprenticeships said: “This new service will make it easier for larger and smaller Cornish businesses to connect, share funds and create more apprenticeship opportunities in Cornwall.

“Employers tell us they are struggling to recruit experienced staff but with a little bit of time and support, an apprentice can really make a difference to a business. It also means larger firms can use unspent levy finding to help upskill smaller businesses in their supply chain.”

Employers can now create their transfer pledge through their apprenticeship service account, and this will be advertised publicly on a new, soon to be launched, page.

Pledges will show either the pledging organisation’s name, or businesses can choose to be anonymous. Details of anonymous organisation will only be shared with the business receiving the funds before they accept an offer of funding.

Larger levy paying employers can find out more here or contact Cathie Kessell by emailing

While smaller employers interested in receiving an apprenticeship levy transfer wait to be able to view levy pledges on the new page, they can visit Cornwall Apprenticeships to find out more about apprenticeships in Cornwall and speak with the Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Skills Hub about their apprenticeship and skills needs.

Posted on 23rd Sep 2021 | dca


We have seen many employees progress through apprenticeships, giving us the opportunity to produce high quality engineers

Darren Etherington, Production Director at Watson-Marlow

The value that the apprentices have added to our business has paid this back many times over

Michelle Pearce, Practice Director, RRL accountants

Apprenticeships aren’t just entry level jobs for youngsters coming straight out of school – they’re fantastic opportunities for upskilling existing employees too

Publican Mark Holden, Victoria Inn

It is absolutely essential that new blood is developed for the Bakery industry which is best done via the apprenticeship route

Mark Norton, Managing Director at Prima Bakeries

Apprentices invigorate our crews and the new roles have created a lot of excitement within the Service

Kathryn Billing, Cornwall Fire, Rescue and Community Safety Service Group Manager