I started the Whitbread Apprenticeship 3 months after starting at Premier Inn, as I was new to the business there was still a lot I didn’t know about Premier Inn and their procedures. The first day I met all of the apprentices I could tell we were all in the same boat! The course meant we intensively learned more about our business and ways of working in Premier Inn. The course itself was very well set out and easy to follow and by using iLearner we were able to keep up to date of where we were within the course and the direction we were heading. On each assessment and course day I continually learnt more about my job role and was soon promoted to number 2 at site behind my PITL. The functional skills side of the programme really refreshed my maths and English knowledge as it had been a long time since I had to concentrate on these areas! After taking the functional skills exams I found out that I achieved 97% in my English and 100% in my maths, which I was very proud of but wouldn’t have been able to achieve it without the help of Celia; my functional skills coordinator. The apprenticeship course has been a large part of my Whitbread journey; by the time the course had finished I was put in the “Expert Performer” box on our talent matrix, meaning that I was now ready to become a PITL and would be applying for any positions that came up. I believe that without the apprenticeship programme and the guidance of Celia and Francesca and the rest of the Whitbread WISE team I wouldn’t be where I am now., ready to run my own site and take on all the new challenges that come with it. I have recently started the Whitbread higher apprenticeship programme which I am very excited about taking part in and finding out where it will take me on my next step on my Premier Inn journey.

Chloe Richards