The Seafood Restaurant

Aarran Lightholder’s future looks bright as he learns from the best at Rick and Jill Stein’s seafood restaurant in Padstow. Under the wing of the Apprenticeship framework, Aarran has become part of a world class team of chefs who work tirelessly to deliver delicious dishes at The Seafood Restaurant, which has an excellent international reputation for imaginative cooking of the very freshest fish and shellfish.


Aarran undertook his level 2 Apprenticeship in Professional Cookery whilst working in the new production unit at Steins creating jams, pickles, stocks, curries and more. During the Apprenticeship Aarran’s confidence and culinary skills skyrocketed

to the point that he could be relied upon to carry out production without any instruction, ensuring quality control and meeting specification at all times.


A culmination of support from Truro and Penwith College Business, The Seafood Restaurant and Aarran’s own ambition saw him produce a wonderful portfolio of evidence; something that stands him in good stead to reach his long term career goals.


“It was great to be able to apply everything I learnt on my taught course straight into my day to day work. The fact I could earn and learn at the same time was a massive bonus. I’m already looking forward to moving onto the next level.”


“Since starting the Apprenticeship I have already been promoted to a new job role, moving from the production unit to work at Padstow Seafood School. My career prospects have greatly improved, I’m now fully qualified and working for a world famous chef!” Aarran wants to go on to complete the Level 3 Apprenticeship and pursue a career in teaching Professional Cookery, delivering the very same guidance that has helped him reach new heights.