Charlie Brogden

Tom knew that he needed to expand the capacity in his business but finding the right fit was tricky as Tom’s business uses steam bending to create spectacular and ecologically sound, innovative furniture. As his trade is so specialised he decided that he would use the Apprenticeship scheme to offer a young person the opportunity to develop a unique skill. “It’s great to have Charlie’s enthusiasm and ideas in the workshop and his knowledge of the products grows every day. Charlie can now make around half of the product range and that’s not something I would ever have with a freelance carpenter. He has allowed us to take on more work on a regular basis and he learns how to make things at college and brings that to the business too. Charlie is really making a difference to our capacity.”


Charlie said “I wasn’t looking for an Apprenticeship but now I wouldn’t want to do it any other way. I think Apprenticeships should be advertised better in schools – it’s sad that everyone is driven down the path of university. You have to be motivated and quite practical but in many ways Apprenticeships are better and more important than university these days. I’m being paid to learn which is perfect – a lot of my friends will have massive debts and I won’t have that. It’s the best of both worlds.”