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Getting paid to learn about the world of digital marketing seemed like the perfect option for Miles Philpott.

The tech savvy 17-year-old was thrilled when he found out he had been given a Marketing Assistant Apprenticeship at Truro-based independent ethical retailer, Uneeka.

As well as learning about how to combine the creative and digital aspects of the role, Miles has been given a valuable insight into the business world.

“I work with a really nice group of people and my boss teaches me a wide range of skills, from sales to networking,” said Miles, who is doing his apprenticeship through a course run by Truro and Penwith College.

“Digital marketing has always caught my eye as an interesting topic. It combines every part of business, marketing, IT and creative media all into one, which gives a lot of growing room for higher up positions,” he added.

Back in March 2020, Miles had just finished his GCSEs and was in a dilemma about what to do next. He knew he didn’t want to sit in a classroom anymore, so started looking into the possibility of an apprenticeship.

“I found the Uneeka opportunity, which felt right for me with my skill set and age,” said Miles. “It is the perfect balance between work life and college life to help me grow as a person and gain knowledge in the digital sector.”

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Uneeka’s website manager Emily Taylor (pictured with Miles) said past experience had taught her that taking on apprentices can bring fresh eyes and new skills to a business.

“We had an apprentice before and it worked really well and the individual stayed with the company afterwards for a number of years,” she said, adding that she would certainly recommend the scheme to other businesses.

She said: “Taking on an apprentice benefits the individuals ready to go directly into a workplace, supports the local college and brings key skills to your business, which you may be lacking.”

Emily is full of praise for the way Miles has thrown himself into his work, taking over social media, editing the website, processing orders and more.

“He really has got stuck in,” said Emily. “We let our apprentice take on most roles within the company to learn a variety of skills.”

Miles finishes his apprenticeship – awarded by the Chartered Institute of Marketing – at the end of January. The teenager then plans to travel for a couple of months before coming back to Cornwall to continue his blossoming career in an industry he loves.

He said: “The feeling of every day being different and being given the opportunity to do lots of new things is why I love digital marketing.”

Miles is hugely grateful for the opportunity he’s had at Uneeka and would advise other young people to explore the apprenticeship route.

He said: “You’re getting an income for doing what you love and learning about things you’re interested in. Apprenticeships are amazing!”

Posted on 23rd Jul 2021 | dca


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