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“Give them your time, value them, and they will reward you.” That is salon owner Karen Samuels’ mantra when it comes to her hairdressing apprentices.

Over the past eight years Karen has employed six apprentices, five of whom have gone on to have successful careers. The sixth, 19-year-old Jamie White, is a year into his apprenticeship, through training provider GHQ.

Karen, 54, started out as a hairdressing apprentice at the age of 15, and learnt the trade on-the-job. She later became a teacher in the industry, and went on to run a busy London hair and beauty college with 350 students.

“Since then I’ve always been involved in education, so when I opened Kutz apprentices seemed a natural way to put something back into our industry,” she explained. “It’s a joy to see youngsters grow in skills and in confidence.

“Apprentices are so much more than cheap employees, which is how a lot of businesses may view them. I only want the best for my company and I know that by teaching Jamie myself, I am getting the best. He’ll be home-grown into exactly what I want, and will learn my way. He’s already such a valuable member of the team.

“But employers need to put the time in. If you are going to employ an apprentice you have to be prepared to spend time with them, and be patient. If we don’t take time to train these youngsters, where are the future hairdressers going to come from? We have a responsibility.”

Posted on 17th Oct 2019 |


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