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Cornwall-based technology company Hertzian has welcomed several apprenticeships through its doors over the past three years.

Hertzian, a technology company focusing on data feedback analysis, currently has five apprenticeships working at its base of operations in Truro.

COO and Co-Founder Christopher Weavill believes that apprentices benefit and add value to Hertzian, and works closely with training provider Truro and Penwith College.

“The tech scene is growing in Cornwall and there aren’t many technology companies like ours in the area,” said Chris. “We have a unique opportunity to work with Truro College to help tailor the curriculum of the Level 4 Software Development Apprenticeship, which is of huge benefit to us.

“Through the Apprenticeship scheme, we have young talent that is eager to learn and develop, which is useful to us as a growing business.

“I often see and hear that apprentices are cheap labour which is so detrimental for them. Apprentices are enthusiastic, willing to learn and can be of great value. Given time and effort, they can really strive and go far.

“Employers have the opportunity to create the perfectly trained member of staff for their business. By utilising apprenticeships, a business can have an evergreen pool of talent – with members of staff that upskill each other tailored for the company’s needs.”

Hertzian currently employees five apprentices who are undertaking various courses, all at different stages.

Apprentice Sarah Thornton, who is on a Business Administration Apprenticeship, said: “I feel that my apprenticeship has been beneficial. I have gained a spectrum of skills such as team working, time management and learning to use many different tools effectively. I decided to work at Hertzian because I feel that it is a fresh company that has new solutions and they have been really welcoming towards me. You are expected to work at a very high level here, but if you do make a mistake, there will be someone to step in and help you to raise your work to a great standard.”

Fellow apprentice Zachary Whitbread, who is Hertzian’s longest serving Apprentice of three years, is now on his next level 4 Software Development Apprenticeship, added: “Working at Hertzian has been a great experience – full of challenges and fun times. I chose to work here as an apprentice to give me a start in the world of programming and development, and I have gained valuable technical knowledge and insights into the business. I hope that I will continue developing the skills that I have already acquired.”

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