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An apprentice can bring fresh ideas and the training you need to grow your business. 

Clare Trice, owner of CTCC Solutions in Truro, wanted to boost the marketing side of her firm, which provides credit control services for companies in Cornwall and nationwide. 

She took on marketing apprentice Anika Akther (above) in September 2021 and says the two have been learning and working together brilliantly ever since.

“They (apprentices) bring a new dynamic,” said Clare. “But they also bring a new structured process into the business. So, if it’s a new sector that I don’t particularly know, like marketing, it’s bringing that knowledge and training into the company that wasn’t there before that can take us onwards.” 

Anika, 22, divides her time between working in the office with Clare and then studying as part of her level-three marketing assistant apprenticeship course at Truro College. 

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Anika’s already been able to put what she’s learnt into practice, helping Clare to work on CTCC’s social media channels, website, blogs, analytics and more. 

“It’s going great,” said Anika, a university graduate who decided to apply for an apprenticeship to build experience in her chosen career. “I thought that going down the apprenticeship route while I was also learning on the job, it fitted with what I wanted,” she added, explaining how her first role in an office environment has helped to improve her confidence. “It was things as simple as calling other businesses on the phone,” said Anika. “That was nerve-wracking to start with but because I’ve been practising, I’ve got so much better.” 

Clare said it’s been a real privilege to work with Anika on several projects, unifying their skills and ideas. 

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“She’s doing amazingly,” said Clare. “It’s a lot of information to take on. She’s had to learn a whole new sector within credit control and the credit industry, as well as taking on marketing and coursework, so, yes, she’s done an amazing job so far.” 

Clare said she’s also learnt a great deal about marketing through Anika’s structured training on the apprenticeship scheme. 

“It’s bringing in new ideas and the information we need to grow the business,” said Clare, who founded CTCC in 2012. “There is an investment in time,” she said, adding that firms have got to be prepared to put the hours in to apply for and then look after their apprentices. But it’s worth it. 

“It’s the whole freshness apprentices bring,” said Clare. “It’s a different dynamic, a different age group…just a different view on life, the industry and everything we do here. 

“It should be looked at as a way of bring new staff members into a business. It’s definitely a benefit.”

Posted on 10th Jan 2022 | dca


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