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Harry Greenwood has always liked cars and loves living in Cornwall. When the chance came to combine the two, it was an opportunity too good to miss.

The 23-year-old applied for a Parts apprenticeship with Carrs Jaguar Land Rover, based in Redruth, and was thrilled when he was accepted.

“I’ve always been interested in vehicles of all descriptions, really,” said Harry, who started searching for jobs with Land Rover when he was 19 but kept finding vacancies in Birmingham. “A job so far away from home just wasn’t suitable for me,” he said. “When this opportunity arose, I jumped at the chance to apply.

“I love where I live. I consider myself extremely lucky to have found a placement so close to home. It means I don’t have to move out of the county any time soon.”

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Apprentice Harry Greenwood (23). Freelance photograph by Janna Dixon Photography.

Harry is now in his second year of the Parts apprenticeship course, provided by Jaguar Land Rover UK and Babcock International.

As well as boosting his knowledge of vehicles and engineering, the role has improved Harry’s skills in terms of dealing with colleagues and customers.

“I’m much more confident answering phones to our customers, both retail and trade,” he said. “I’ve received some very encouraging feedback from some of the people I’ve served, which helps to keep morale high.”

One of Harry’s colleagues at Carrs is fellow apprentice Edward Warne. The 19-year-old is in his first year of a mechanic’s course, also provided by Jaguar Land Rover UK and Babcock International.

Edward wanted to gain on-the-job experience and learn about the motor trade first-hand -an apprenticeship seemed like the natural choice.

“I’m really enjoying learning something new each day,” said Edward, who is working towards his Level Three and Four qualifications. “I’ve always had a passion for cars and now I want to expand my knowledge,” he added, before recommending taking on an apprenticeship to other young people looking at their career opportunities. “It’s a great way to experience your chosen sector,” he said.

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Apprentice Edward Warne (19).Freelance photograph by Janna Dixon Photography.

Apprentices work across all departments at Carrs Jaguar Land Rover, including sales, parts and vehicle mechanics.

Head of Operations Chris Oxley said apprenticeships help firms to grow and develop their own talent.

“It’s crucial,” he said. “Apprentices assist more senior staff and, as time passes, they add more value with the tasks they can carry out. Taking on apprentices is vital for the future of the business. It means we are investing in young talent.”

Chris said the firm had taken on many apprentices in the past, with many now working at Carrs permanently.

He said: “Finding the right talent is very difficult but when you find the right person, the process is seamless.

“Growing staff from within is essential on many levels – for their skills, loyalty and to help futureproof the business.”

Posted on 25th Aug 2021 | dca


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