Welcome to Cornwall Apprenticeships; the gateway to Apprenticeship training in the Duchy for employers, young people and parents. This is where you can access first class Apprenticeship training delivered by members of the Cornwall Training Provider Network (CTPN).

Each member of the CTPN:

  • Understands the unique needs of business in Cornwall
  • Recognises the potential in young people in Cornwall
  • Acknowledges the aspirations that parents and guardians in Cornwall have for their children

Apprenticeships are high up on the Government’s agenda and considered to be the answer to the national economy’s need to boost business and reduce unemployment.

It has been recognised that Cornwall has additional unique needs due to its geographical isolation, transport links to a widely dispersed population and dependence upon the tourism sector. We hope that this website helps to address some of these needs.

The Cornwall Apprenticeships campaign will be funded using the new Skills Support for the Workforce project which is an ESF Convergence supported programme. It is also funded by the National Apprenticeship Service.

The partners in the Cornwall Apprenticeships Campaign are making the investment to increase engagement and support for participation in education and Apprenticeships, to enhance their skills to become more successful in the labour market, advance career prospects and reduce the risk of unemployment. We will be providing locally defined, delivered and innovative approaches to meet the needs of new entrants to the workforce enabling them to realise their individual potential and contribute to the economic success of Cornish businesses.

Please use the links above to learn more about the features and benefits of Apprenticeships. If you already know which type of Apprenticeship you are interested in, go to Apprenticeship training available where you will be able to see all of the Apprenticeships available through the CTPN.